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Six Components of a Complete Internet Marketing System

A complete internet marketing system consists of techniques or strategies that can help you improve how you market your brand online. The system should generate and target leads, convert qualified leads into revenues, manage your campaign budget, and give a comprehensive report through analytics. The question you need to ask now is what makes an online business system complete?

Banner Marketing

Banner ads are the most prolific and common type of online marketing. How it works is that when you click on banners, it will take you to the main ad site. Banners are like television commercials only they never go off the air. They are also like billboards only more compact. Banners can also be annoying at times, but they are popular marketing campaigns that make a complete internet marketing system. Banners are flexible ad mediums because one banner can have several elements like imagery, animation, text, and other relevant content.

Email Marketing

This marketing campaign has an underrated appeal among online advertisers at present. However, email marketing can improve and support most online business systems. Although a few people confuse it with spam, it is far from that digital marketing concept.

Unlike spam, the consumers who have provided their email address want to receive updates, product promotions, and newsletters. It is an efficient way to find qualified leads and nurture your business relationship with them. Aside from saving time and money in contrast to direct mail marketing, the results of this online business campaign are easier to track.

Search Marketing

The internet marketing system you plan to employ should include search marketing through search engine optimization or SEO to improve a business website’s ranking naturally. Another option is SEM or Search Engine Marketing where you pay your way through the ranking. Although online marketing experts claim that both concepts are the same, each has distinct differences.

Both terms, however, refer to the concept of promoting a website to search engines so they are easy to find online. It is impractical to exclude search marketing from your marketing campaign mix since most consumers look products up online before making purchases. Even though you have a strong banner and email marketing campaign, without search marketing you will lose plenty of leads.

Social Media Marketing

Even without a website to promote, you can settle for social media marketing to build up brand awareness and increase audience reach. Social networks are efficient marketing platforms, especially if you have a small business. If you can only afford time and budget in running a Facebook or Twitter page, then you need to invest in social media marketing tools so that managing your campaign would garner desired results. This marketing component is not as expensive as banner ads or search engine marketing that is why it is important to have it in your business system.

Blog Marketing

This type of marketing campaign in a business system can be tricky to run, but it is not impossible. Unlike what most beginners would expect, it can take a while to drive considerable blog traffic once you jump in on this trend. A blog is different from a site since it holds more content rather than just providing the potential consumer with the price of a product or service. This strategy works by engaging an audience similar to social media marketing. A blog is not just one of the marketing campaigns that support other campaigns. An equally important component, blogs can convert visitors and contribute to sales.

Affiliate Marketing

This type of marketing is where merchants or business websites hire advertisers and publishers to market for them. Affiliate marketing is using another site or blog to link back to the advertised brand. It is an effective marketing campaign to drive traffic and boost brand awareness. For affiliates, it is an easy way to earn money since they just have to put up banner ads, back links, and buttons.

If you arrived to the conclusion that an online marketing package can benefit your business, you might want to include the marketing systems above in your overall marketing campaign. However, if you already have a marketing system, you can check if it contains the necessary components. Not all businesses are alike in nature and scale, but the different parts of what makes a complete internet marketing system can achieve most business goals.


How to Choose an Email Marketing System

An email marketing system can help you pull a potential lead to a corner and talk shop with them while making it worth their while. Instead of a corner in a dark alley, you can address them through their Inbox. Although many professionals do not believe in the capacity and necessity of email marketing, it is still one of the most inexpensive marketing systems.

With equally competitive content, email marketing can give your ROI a reasonable upturn. Depending on the nature of your brand, your email marketing budget, and the size of the business you are running, you would need a reliable email utility service. The following factors are what most people look for in an email service.

1.  Ease of Use

If you were new to the overwhelming world of online marketing, you would prioritize learning the easy parts. You can save time overall and you do not lose sales in the process. An email marketing system should be simple to understand by being user friendly. The utility you choose should be able to provide you with complete details regarding each feature.

Even though you happen upon a free email utility, but then you have to ask about it in the forums every time you experience an issue, it could be counterproductive. If you are already familiar with the basics of campaign reporting or HTML coding, then you could anticipate technical problems. For amateurs that do not know the ins and outs, they will have trouble looking for a solution.

2.  Standard Service Features

If you are looking for professional features, you might have to invest heavily for that. However, there are email utilities that are worth your ad campaign funds. They offer the same features most online businesses need. Among a few of those features is availability of email templates, social media integration, auto responders, customization options, and the ability to create and send customized surveys or email marketing newsletters.

3.  Integration

The Integration features of an email system are the make or break factors of the service you choose. If a prospect clicks to check on your brand online and the system fails, you could lose a sale. Instead of becoming a part of your list, they will count as lost opportunity. If you decide at the onset that your business will not benefit from integration capacities of the system, then you can do away with it. However, most businesses go after integration and this feature is an important add-on.

4.  Price

If your online ad campaign relies heavily on email marketing, then paying a higher price for a marketing system is inevitable. Even though you also employ other areas of online advertising, quality email systems will cost you. However, there are those that charge per email sent or base their rates on the number of subscribers.

You can also choose pay as you go options. If you plan to send out only a few emails, then you can choose from the many services available online. You do not have to commit to top ranking email systems to get the better deal although you might want to invest in quality as your business grows.

5.  Reporting

An email marketing service should be able to track results by providing reports. You can find out how well you are doing and just how many on your list opened the emails you sent. Through graphs, surveys, and statistics, you can determine whether the system you chose has efficient deliverability. The information you acquire from the campaign reporting can help you improve your overall marketing strategy to see which type of emails most people on your list open.

6.  Customer Support

A dependable customer support is one of the features that can provide solutions for an email marketing campaign. In case of technical problems, you should be able to receive assistance. The best email utility systems should have easy to reach support teams. You should not have to run to video tutorials to fix common technical issues.

What Many Businesses Are Using

An email marketing system should be reliable, but most businesses also value deliverability, integration, and user friendly features. Your email marketing standards do not have to fit into those same features nor do you have to use the top 3 brands in email utility services. You should choose a system that best suits your email marketing needs.